Preferred Play Site Listing

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The League office will confirm the availability of all submitted Play Sites.

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 Avalanche275 8th St.250 331-0334
 Avalanche T1275 8th st250 331-0334
 Avalanche T2275 8th St.250 331-0334
 Avalanche T3275 8th St.250 331-0334
 Avalanche T4275 8th St.250 331-0334
 Avalanche T5275 8th St.250 331-0334
 Avalanche T6275 8th St.250 331-0334
 Avalanche T7275 8th st250331-0334
 BYEHome250 218-8819
 Chalk Lounge1590 Cliff250 338-7741
 Chalk Lounge - T11590 Cliff250 338-7741
 Chalk Lounge - T21590 Cliff250 338-2741
 Chalk Lounge - T31590 Cliff250 338-7741
 Chalk Lounge - T41590 Cliff250 338-7741
 Chalk Lounge -T51590 Cliff250 338-7741
 The Mex1001 Ryan Road250 703-9573

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