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Welcome back to the 14th Year of the
Comox Valley Pool League

League for Play 2022

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Wednesday Open League play at all venues....max 2 A players play per round
Tuesday Rec League play at all venues...........max 2 B players play per round

Spares always needed past deadline...Click on How To Join above to register

A wonderful thing has happened over the years...were not just friends anymore, we call our group one big family.
Part of being a family is helping one another and the CVPL players have grouped together and done this for so many within the league as well as the community.

YANA - has become our charity of choice that we do weekly registered 50/50 draws and present to them each year at our banquet. To date we have $23,312.00

League is sanctioned by the CCS - Canadian Cue Sport Association (League #137).

This means that all players and all teams are eligible to compete in the following Championships in 2020/21

CANADA - 2022/2023

CCS Maritimes...Sydney NS..........Dooly's.............Nov 4-6 $4800 Added

CCS Vcr Island...Nanaimo BC..VI Conf. Centre.....Nov 16-20 $3000 Added

CCS B.C's......Penticton BC...Lakeside Resort......Jan 31-Feb 5 $6000 Added

CCS Canadians..Niagara Falls ON...Sheraton Hotel ...Mar 14-18 $12000 Added

CCS Westerns...Calgary AB.....Acadia Rec Centre......May 3-7 $11000 Added

From now on, all Championships (save the Maritimes) will use the new PREDATOR Apex 7' League Edition pool tables


Omega ACS Midwest....Davenport IA..Riverside Casino.......Jan 18-22 $23000 Added

Omega ACS Nationals..Las Vegas NV..Tropicana Casino.......May 13-20 $65000 Added

For further info. on these Championships, click on the links on the left sidebar.


CCS - Player Rankings

Not quite ready for prime time?

No worries - all CCS Championships offer Divisional Play based on skill level - Standard, Open and Advanced.

'Need To Know' for all Championships

1. For full INFO on any of the Championships:

Under 'Championships Events' on the left sidebar of the CCS Home Page, click on any of the Championships.
At the top of the page that opens up, click on 'Tournament Brochure.

2. Online Entry

All entrants are encouraged to enter online.
Click on 'How to Enter' on the left sidebar.
Select the Championship - Vcr Island, Maritimes, BC, Westerns or Canadians.
Select the Event you wish to enter.

3. Payment

Send payment by Bank Draft/Money Order or by e-mail through the INTERAC eTransfer service.
Provide a summary in the Comments section if the payment is for more than one Entry.
You can later confirm your Entry(s) was received and posted by clicking on 'View Entries'.

4. Wondering what Division you'll be playing in?

You can check your Player Ranking by clicking on 'Players Rankings' on the left sidebar of the CCS Home Page.
Also when you select 'View Entries' as noted above, the Division you are eligible to play in will also be shown.

5. How can see the Tournament Charts?

All Charts can be viewed on
Just do a search under CCS and the Tournament Name.



CCS Championships offer Divisional Play based on skill level - Standard, Open and Advanced.

It's all based on Player Rankings which we take very seriously. The fairness of every Championship depends on it.

Every player is assigned one and the Division that you can enter in any Event will be based on it.

Singles Ranking - based on 8 Ball Singles Events; your last 2 performances, prior to the current league year.

Team Ranking - based on 8 Ball Team Events; your last 2 performances, prior to the current league year.

For more detailed information, click on 'Player Rankings' in the middle of the left sidebar.

Drop in Single Summers League League

Starts May 3rd, 2023 at Chalk Lounge.

$5 League fee ..... $5 green fee..... runs for 12 weeks ..... .Playoffs Wednesday July 26th

SKINS FORMAT 6 weeks needed to qualify for playoffs.

FYI.... We have a league camera man that is taking pictures during many events. If you don't want to be in any of these photo's please inform me in writing and we will make arranges to have you leave the room before we start to film.

Venue Sponsors

Chalk Tapas & Billiard Lounge

Two 41/2 x 9 pool tables
Four 31/2 x 7 Valley pool tables

The Elks
Four 31/2 x 7 valley

Kelly O'Byran's
Two 3x1/2x7


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